Welcome to my website! Here, I provide my teaching experienceresearch projects, personal interests, and CV.

I am an Academic Specialist in the Center for Integrative Studies in General Science and Department of Integrative Biology at Michigan State University. In addition to this position, I teach during the summer at Kellogg Biological Station. Research spans undergraduate biology education and avian communication.

To contact me, please send me an email or fill out the website contact form. You can also connect with me on LinkedIn, ResearchGate, and Academia.

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Dr. Andrea Bierema

Featured post

CBE Paper Published

Christina Schwarz, Jon Stoltzfus, and I just had a paper published in CBE- Life Sciences! This paper goes into detail on how undergraduates in large-enrollment courses work together in small groups to make sense of biological phenomona during modeling activities. The full text, including supplementary materials describing the modeling activities, are included in the Research section. Check it out! It’s titled: Engaging undergraduate biology students in scientific modeling: Analysis of group interactions, sense-making, and justification

New Twitter Account

Just started a new Twitter account. I love to learn about new ideas to use in my college classroom. Whenever I learn about new ideas, I will be tweeting them. I’m doing this for two reasons: one, to share with my community, and two, to remind myself to try them! See the bottom of this page for the latest. @AndreaBierema


JRST Paper Published & CBE Paper Accepted

Great news for October! My JRST paper that was recently announced as being available for early view has been published in the October issue of JRST. This paper is in regard to my dissertation research.

Also, a manuscript regarding my postdoc research with Dr. Jon Stoltzfus and Dr. Christina Schwarz on modeling was accepted for publication. Read more about this research here!


CISGS and Integrative Biology Position

I am excited to announce that I just started a new position at Michigan State University! My new position is at the Center for Integrative Studies in General Science (CISGS) and Integrative Biology. As an Academic Specialist, my appointment is teaching focused. I will primarily be teaching two non-science major courses:

  • ISB 202, Applications of Environmental and Organismal Biology, and
  • ISB 204, Applications of Biomedical Sciences

I am joining a team that highly encourages a student-centered classroom and I will continue teaching a “flipped” class that allows for class time to primarily consist on student team activities. The CISGS Learning Goals focus on learning science via scientific practices.

Not only am I happy to be a member of the CISGS and Integrative Biology teams but also continuing to be a part of Michigan State University, which provides ample professional development opportunities!


Early View of JRST Manuscript

I am excited to announce that after much hard work, my dissertation research is being published in JRST, Journal of Research in Science Teaching (impact factor: 3.052).  The early view of the article, To what extent does current research and textbook content align? A methodology and case study, is available. Dr. Renee’ Schwartz and Dr. Sharon Gill, the co-authors, were on my dissertation committee, along with Dr. Brandy Ann-Skjold Pleasants. For more information on my dissertation research, click here and then click on “Textbook and Primary Literature Alignment.”


Undergraduate Presentations

This spring semester, Hailey Cockerill, Madi Kraus, Jalpa Patel, and Shais Raza, undergraduates at Lyman Briggs College, presented at CREATE for STEM MiniConference, University Undergraduate Research and Arts Forum (UURAF), and Lyman Briggs Research Symposium! Read about their research here!


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