Sample Materials

Below are examples of class activities that I created for undergraduate or high school biology courses.

Undergraduate Grant Proposal Course Project

A course project for students to develop and evaluate grant proposals and apply course concepts to a novel case. Final project instructions adapted from Animal Behavior Society‘s Student Research Grant proposal instructions.


Fruit Fly Genetics

Fruitfly Genetics Activity ImageBierema, A. M.-K., & Schwartz, R. S. (2016). Learning from the fruit fly: A card game for teaching Mendel’s laws, meiosis, and Punnett squares. The Science Teacher, 83(3), 39-47. (Download PDF; Download Fruit Fly Cards for Printing)


Natural Selection and Character Displacement

Darwin Finch Activity

Bierema, A. M.-K., & Rudge, D. W. (2014). Using David Lack’s observations of finch beak size to teach natural selection and the nature of science. The American Biology Teacher, 76(5), 312-317. DOI 10.1525/abt.2014.76.5.4. (Download PDF)



More coming soon!



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